Tasting system

All tasted wines are given tasting note and rating score. Wines are usually tasted at group tasting, sometimes at my home, sometimes on winery visit. Neither producer nor price of wine reflects tasting notes or rating score.

Rating System

Bulgarian Wine Report or BWR rating is based on 100 point rating system. Numerical rating represents what I think about particular wine, based on my tasting notes. Retail price is not taken under consideration and is given just as reference.

96-100 – Extraordinary wine, best of the best in its category. I'm personally looking forward to taste such a wine.

90-95 – Excellent wine displaying complex character and style

85-89 - Very Good to Excellent, highly recommended

80–84 – Well made wine with no noticeable defects, recommended

70-79 – Fair wine

70- below – poor wine, not recommended

As wine tasting and judging is quite subjective all tasting notes and rating scores represent only my own professional opinion. As any palate, appreciation, preference is different for everyone I would suggest every possible user of this guide to compare tasting notes and ratings of at least 10 wines given here to his own appreciation before using BWR as reference and guide.

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