About Bulgarian Wine Report

This guide is dedicated to Bulgarian wines and has been created with the vision of becoming a wine consumer guide for all wine lovers around the world. Guide will include wine tasting reviews of new vintages and depending on the availability of selected old vintages. Apart of tasting notes every wine will be rated on 100 point scale. As I live in Bulgaria and know well mentality of the people here I must say that I have no any financial or whatever relation with producers who's wines are included or rated in the guide.


About Georgi MIhov

My name is Georgi Mihov and I am the man behind Bulgarian Wine Report.I've spent most of my career in hospitality where wine was part of my every day job. I started working as a Wine Waiter in 2001 and since then I have worked as a Sommelier in UK, UAE, Cruise Lines and even in China. Since few year I am freelance wine consultant and wine educator.

My first professional wine tasting experience was as a judge for the first Balkans International Wine Competition in 2012. Since then I have been judging regularly for::


In 2012 I launched the brand Someno Wines in cooperation with Borovitza Winery. Someno is boutique wine line, made of indigenous Bulgarian grapes. It is limited only to 300 bottles and it's sold on allocation list. To avoid any conflict of interest there will not be any Borovitza Winery wines rated or included in Bulgarian Wine Report database.

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